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Sinaloa is the third Mango producer in Mexico with 178 thousand tons, approximately 13% of the national production. The cultivated area in Sinaloa covers 28,421 hectares, most of it concentrated in the southern zone. 33% of the national exports of this fruit come from this state. The main export destinations were USA with 84 thousand tons, and to a lesser extent Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and several countries of the European Union. Sinaloa is in an excellent position to continue supplying this demand due to phytosanitary and logistical advantages that are absent in other producing countries.










Nayarit is considered second national producer of Mango. In 2012, around 300 thousand tons of Mango were shipped to the United States, mainly. In addition to placing smaller volumes in Canada, Japan, Korea and Chile. In these demarcations cooperatives have been formed that include producers, who since March, when the harvest begins, plan the transformation of the fruit to jams,
dehydrated, snacks, and other products that give added value. In Nayarit the varieties most demanded in the world are produced, such as Ataulfo, as well as Tommy Atkins, Haden, Kent and Keitt.








In Michoacán, the cultivation of Mango advanced from the eighth to the fourth place at the national level according to the value of its production, which in the last agricultural cycle was estimated at 397 million according to agricultural statistics. With a production of 121 thousand 980 tons of the fruit, the state is placed in the first places of the country, only behind: Sinaloa, Chiapas and Nayarit. In the state, Mango is produced in 28 municipalities.

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