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Gourmet fresh mango

It is one of the antioxidant fruits, for its richness in acids (malic, palmitic, p-coumaric and myristic), vitamin C and its high content of vitamin A. Mango is an antioxidant fruit, able to increase the body's defenses and neutralize Free radicals formed by oxidation, smoke or pollution. A cup of sliced mango has 25 percent of the daily value of vitamin A needed, which promotes good vision.

           Nutritional characteristics

Nutritional Content in a Serving of 99.2 g


  Calories:                                                           65g

Proteins:                                                        0.5 g

Carbohydrates:                                                 18 g

     Lipids:                                                        0.26 g

Cholesterol:                                                     0 mg

    Sodium:                                                        2 mg

     Potassium:                                                    57 mg

       Vitamin A:                                               38.90 mg

     Vitamin C:                                                  27 mg



The sizes of Haden Mangoes are medium and large, oval or round, is a type of mango with soft skin that turns from green to yellow with red highlights, its flavor is delicious, the texture is firm. The seasonality of this variety is from March to May. The production area of this variety is Michoacán and Sinaloa.





Its pulp is sweet, low in fiber, it is a mango very juicy, buttery, low in acidity and with an intense aroma; It can retain its flavor even after its maturity when the bone has become gelatinous. Its peel is leathery, the fruit is small, the Mango Ataulfo is resistant to post-harvest handling, 69% of its weight is pulp, 19% is peel and the remaining 8.5% corresponds to bone. The fruit develops in warm humid and warm subhumid climates, with rains in summer, but monsoon; it must not undergo isothermal oscillations greater than 5 ° C. The suitable temperature for this type of mango is 28 ° C. Around 15,000 hectares are cultivated in the state of Chiapas and 176,000 tons are produced annually. Seasonality: from February to August.


The Kent Mango has an oval profile and regular shape, appearing in pieces ranging from 400 to 600 grams. Its flavor is classified in the category of mangoes of intense sweetness with light touches of peach. The meat is of medium consistency, without fibers and orange color. A Kent mango provides around 130 calories and 3.7 grams of dietary fiber. This variety is found in the months of January to March and from May to August, its largest production takes place in the south of Sinaloa and Michoacán.



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