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Rodeo Fruit starts the purchase of mango orchards and the construction of areas dedicated to the fruit process. Placement of our product within the US market.

We enter our brand within the Japanese market by exporting Mango fresh gourmet sea, achieving that our commercial relationship with this country will last until 2010.

We started with the air mode for the shipping of our Mango which allowed us to enter new markets such as Australia, New Zealand, Chile and some European countries.

We managed to position the Mexican Mango in Singapore.

Rodeo Fruit arrives in France and achieves immediate acceptance of the products offered, making this country one of our main markets and also maintaining this commercial relationship until today.

We adopt the air mode as the only means of transport to export abroad.



In addition, in 2016 we launched, after several years of hard work, research and dedication, our Organic Mango Brand.

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